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Impact Video

The purpose of this video was to brand the new FSBOHOMES Coralville franchise owner as a real estate professional who is trusted and backed by others in the profession as declared. The video is meant to educate the consumer on the owner, along with giving more clarity of the other people behind this business, and the purpose of the for sale by owner option for people listing their homes.

  • Filmer - David Keninger

  • Co-Creative Director & Script writer - Antwon James

  • Producer & Photographer - Lee Miller 


The purpose of photography was to expand FSBOHOMES Coralville's content calendar with images that fit the standard of branding Laura wanted to convey as a real estate professional. Please click the carousel to get the full view of the images. All images are not included per client request.

​​Photographers - Lee Miller

​​​Models - Laura S.

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