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“Compassionate and efficient” are the two words I used to describe Antwon. Antwon came onboard at IFT to assist me with the Digital Production duties as my job responsibilities increased due to the IFT’s website re-design. Antwon stepped in and created a smooth transition regarding IFT’s daily and routinely digital properties. He quickly managed to learn three different content management systems (CMS) in under a month.

Client: Institute of Food Technology
Role: Junior Business Analyst
Digital Production


Bridgette C. Smith
Associate Director of Web Strategy
Marketing Design Group

Currently, I am growing my skill set and experience as a Business Analyst. My goal is to become a leading thought leader and be a valuable resource of information. I am adding value to my community by constantly taking practical steps to learn and share my knowledge.


My vision is to be a source of authority and credibility as a thought leader in my career. I seek to always be better than yesterday as a happier, healthier individual. My hope is that by sharing my practical knowledge and gained wisdom, I can help someone be better too.


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I value constant growth in my skill sets. I believe to be great it takes work and dedication to be a master at whatever craft you practice.


To be a master of what you do, you must always stay abreast to changing requirements from skills, and knowledge needed to constantly deliver value. Below is an ever-expanding list of certifications that align with my goal of constantly growing.

Agile Requirements Foundations —>


Business Analysis Fundamentals —>

Business Analysis: Business Benefits Realization —>

Business Analysis: Business Process Modeling—>

User Stories for Agile Scrum—>

Scrum Fundamentals Certified (SFC™)—>

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