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"Antwon was a joy to work with at SapientRazorfish. He's a 360-degree thinker with a knack for strategic and tactical thinking. When a business challenge presents itself, he approaches it head-on with careful deliberation and thoughtful consideration of the client's budget and goals, all while fostering growth in practical yet highly efficient ways. Simply put, he's competitively driven and commitment-minded with a laser-focused attention to detail.

He's a pretty cool guy to grab a drink with too. Kind of a pushover at table tennis, though."

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Client: ALDI USA
Role: Digital Content Manager
Digital Production


Wesley Chaderton
Former Senior Copywriter
Publicis Groupe

"Antwon is a gifted business analyst that I have had the pleasure in working with. He is data-driven and has an acute acumen when it comes to analyzing a business. His work ethic speaks for itself and his strategic solutions are incredible and I've seen them produce above expected ROI."


Alex Park
Business Analyst

CSG International

I am always open to emerging opportunities that call for my attention and need my skill set.


I always seek to be an asset to the agency and clients I work with. I am a person who is constantly expanding my knowledge base and taking wise words from mentors to better bring value to every situation I am involved in. If you or another person is looking to get in contact with me about an opportunity or seeks for help within my expertise, please feel free to reach out and also read over my resume.


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"His energy and enthusiasm is second to none, and his personal belief in himself evidenced by his work ethic is something I have rarely seen before. In my coaching career I have worked with several hundred student-athlete's. The drive, belief, intelligence, and work ethic that Antwon displayed on a daily basis is unique. His determination, leadership, and perseverance make Antwon stand out as someone with a bright future."


Bob Thurnhoffer
Antwon's Former Head Coach

Loyola University Chicago

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