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Impact Video

The purpose of this video was to rebrand Buzz Salon as a place that lives up to their "Trusted Beauty" branding. This involved highlighting the location they reside, the products they support, and the people they work with.

  • Filmer - David Keninger

  • Creative Director & Set Manager - Antwon James

  • Producer & Photographer - Lee Miller 

  • (Intern) Set Manager - Grant Knowler


The purpose of photography was to expand Buzz Salon's content calendar with images that fit the standard of the "Trusted Beauty" Branding. Please click the carousel to get the full view of the images. All images are not included per client request.

​​Photographers - Lee Miller and Antwon James

​​​Models - Antwon James, Kennedy Novy, Adam H, Ashely W.

Buzz Salon Snapchat Filter
Screen Shot 2018-07-31 at 1.45.37 PM.png
Buzz Salon Cover Photo.jpg


In the statement of work proposal, designing specific assets were included. It was my responsibility to design social assets using tools available to me, and help my partner concept the designs for the brand visual guide. If you click the social designs they expand. If the thumbnail for the brand guide is clicked you'll be prompted to view the full guide. I can not release the social media case study per client request.

​​Designers - Lee Miller and Antwon James

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