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About Me

Software product development for 5 years. My primary focus has been on producing strategic business outcomes and digital solutions, which has given me experience leading software projects for mobile apps and websites. The main goal in my career is to be an asset to any company or agency I work with. I value constant growth and refinement in my skillset by continuing education to bring value to any situation that calls for my attention. I've also been honored with the privilege to guest speak at the University of Illinois at Chicago and volunteer my time with 1 Million Cups Chicago as an organizer.

"I had the pleasure of hiring Antwon as a subcontractor for numerous clients that I have consulted for. As a marketing strategist, Antwon is top notch. I can rely on his expertise in many areas and constant professionalism. His approach to data-driven marketing delivers ROI above many marketing agencies I have considered or consulted for. While most say they know it, he actually does. He is truly a one-man wrecking machine that delivers way above the bar. Antwon has, time and time again, done the extra work to learn new skill sets and educate clients on new procedures and methodologies. It has been my pleasure to work with, learn from, and watch Antwon grow into someone with an incredibly bright future."

Lee Miller

Strategic Consultant.

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